Heat Pump Snow Cap

$484.00 CAD

Fits heat pumps up to:

WIDTH: 46.75”
DEPTH: 21.75”

Keep your Mini Split Heat Pump clear of snow and ice to run efficiently all winter.

The Snow Cap is a quick solution to prevent ice from forming in your mini split style heat pump, saving you from an expensive service call, and cold a night.

Mounts directly to your heat pump, without having to drill new holes, and is completely reversible.

Crafted in collaboration with HVAC professionals, the Mini Split Snow Cap was a direct request from contractors here in the Pacific Northwest. Units have been tested in the extreme conditions on Mt. Hood, the highest peak in Oregon.

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Protection From
Snow, ice, & winter weather

Prevent accumulation inside sensitive equipment

Flying debris

Sturdy .125” aluminum construction absorbs impacts

Detailed Specifications


WIDTH: 21”

WIDTH: 46”
DEPTH: 18”

Folded .125” aluminum

Matte powder coat

Mounts directly to heat pump using existing lid screws.

Snow & Ice:

Sheds snow and ice away from heat pump radiator coils, preventing ice buildup.


Sturdy .125” aluminum prevents damage from falling debris.

Static Load:
400 lbs
3’ of wet snow
20’ of dry snow

Impact Resistance:
20lbs, dropped from 8’

Up to 130mph

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Terrence Danielson
Easy install

I am very pleased with the quality and the ease with which I was able to install the mini snow cap. I received the order on schedule and was able to assemble and install in about an hour and half. Just in time for major snow storm here in E. Lyme, CT. Thanks again for such a high quality Snow Cap.

Deborah Corbett
Great Service

Cannot say enough about the excellent service and follow up. Would highly recommend Hanger.

Melvin T Tyree

The only suprise was that I had to modify steps #1 & 2. In my outdoor unit (Fujitsu Model AOU36RLXFZH) there were two screws on near the corners of one side but ONLY 1 screw near the middle of the other side). So I had to drill holes to mount screws for the 2 brackets (C) on that side. Otherwise everything else worked well.

Kevin Smith
Fits our Senville

After two bad snow storms in West Michigan lakeshore area, I am happy to say I very pleased with the quality and construction of this snow cover. I initially ordered it to prevent ice/snow from clogging the condensing unit intake which was causing frequent defrosting. The cover fits nicely against the house siding and keeps the coil clear. Heavy gauge aluminum with all stainless fasteners and hardware. Included was a variety pack of screws and bushings for different models. Bolts use lock nuts to prevent loosening. My unit is a Senville, which has an off-set top on the condenser, so the extra hardware was essential for fitment. I have recommended this to another family member for their unit. Absolutely a high quality product. The team at Hangar was also very good to deal with and kept in good communication throughout the sale.

Richard Lewis
Ordered a second one

We finally installed our snow cap yesterday. It went well except a little difficulty reaching the back screws because of the closeness to the house. We were glad to see the additional hardware for mounting the end by the non-removable handle. Looks like it should work well so we just ordered a second one.